Letter from the President

Welcome to National Electrical Testing & Engineering, also known as NETE Testing. First I want to thank you for visiting our website. I hope that you will find the answers to any questions that you may have here but if not please feel free to contact me directly anytime.

NETE Testing has been providing Field Engineering Services for the electrical power industry since 1999. I personally have been working in this industry for my entire professional career. My experience began 35 years ago in the Quality Control & Testing of electrical switchgear and since then I have worked hard to ensure that the quality concepts instilled in me at that time are expressed in everything we do as a company now.

Here at NETE Testing we are committed to provide every customer quality services at competitive prices � working every project not as just a supplier or vendor but as a team member. We realize that a project cannot be fully successful unless we all work together as a team to accomplish the common goals we all hold, Thorough, detailed & quality workmanship conducted in a professional and efficient manner.

Here at NETE we realize how vitally important your electrical power systems are to your operations. We also understand how dangerous and expensive it can be if your power systems do not perform as intended or should happen to fail. Such failures could lead to very expensive outages, equipment damage and even personnel injury or death. That is why NETE Testing will always work hard to ensure that your power system and all of the provided equipment is installed & tested in full compliance with industry standards and manufacturers recommendations to guarantee a smooth and safe start up and operation of your system.

That is our personal Commitment and Promise.

Robert A. Zulka
Owner & Operator
National Electrical Testing & Engineering LLC.
NETE Testing